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Our Patient Testimonials

"I have lost 25 kgs in 6 months after undergoing weight loss surgery by Dr Anirudh Vij. I had poor eating habits before and used to over eat a lot. I had tried weight losing weight through diet control, exercise and yoga but got no results and felt frustrated. I felt so heavy that my ankles would snap while walking. I didn't feel like going out or socialising with anyone. Now, my whole attitude has changed. I feel so light that I can run without any problems. I enjoy going out with family and friends and have increased self-confidence and improved body image. Also, I am eating properly and choose to eat healthy foods which I didn't eat before. I feel happy that I took the right decision in getting this surgery done in time."
- Apoorva

"I always struggled with my weight. I had tried everything, but nothing worked. I gave up for a few months, then saw a picture of me and was taken aback by how big I had gotten. I started developing lot of problems before including headache, joint pains, poor self-esteem, etc. Finally I decided that I had to take some urgent step to reduce my weight. I talked to one of my friends who had got this surgery done before and consulted with Dr Anirudh who explained everything to me very nicely. I underwent bariatric surgery around 4 months back and have lost 18 kgs of weight since then. Now I feel more energetic and active. My lifestyle has improved and I like to go out more and be with my friends and family. I didn’t face any problems during or after my surgery and although I eat less now, I am able to take everything what I like and still am losing weight. I would definitely recommend bariatric surgery for all morbidly obese people as the most effective way to lose weight. . I am now celebrating one of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you!!"
- Bhawana

" I am going to share my life changing experience which is none other than gastric sleeve bariatric surgery. When I heard about this word “surgery”, my first reaction was the same as any other person who get scared after hearing this term. But today I believe that it was the best decision I took in my life to go for this bariatric surgery. It has been 14 weeks since I had my surgery and I have lost 16 kgs which is no more than a miracle for me. After the surgery my eating habits has completely changed or I must say that my craving to take food has reduced drastically which has changed my lifestyle too. I can now eat everything and anything but in lesser quantity. My stamina has increased; I can now do the workout in a gym for a long time. What’s great about the surgery is that for the longest time, I haven’t been even remotely interested in food. Something inside your body quite literally gets turned off. You have to remind yourself to eat. What an experience THAT is! So the first couple of months after surgery are basically a balancing act of trying to figure out when to eat and when to drink so that you can get everything in on time. So the people who are thinking to go for this surgery, this is definitely the right time to opt for it. "
- Ashita

" I am extremely satisfied to get my bariatric surgery done by Dr Anirudh Vij and his team. I was weighing 120 kg before my surgery and I have lost 30 kg in 4 months after the procedure. My friends and family members have really appreciated the change in me and I feel this procedure has given me a new lease on life. I would definitely recommend this procedure who other morbidly obese people."
- Rakhi

" I had travelled all the way from Nigeria to get this surgery done at DIOMS. My body weight was really out of control and I had lost all self-confidence due to my heavy built. Also, recently, my blood sugar levels had started increasing and I started developing pain in both my knees. Thus, I decided that I had to take some urgent step to reduce my weight. I chose to come to Dr Anirudh because he is very well qualified and experienced in this subject and one of my Indian friends had also got operated from him previously with very good results. Now, I have lost close to 25 kgs after my surgery and I no longer suffer from increased blood sugar or joint pains. I am glad that I took this decision at the right time."
- Mrs Nkechi Ekbe