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Sleeve Gastrectomy

It is one of the most popular bariatric procedures performed today. It involves removal of the majority of the stomach to make a banana shaped 'sleeve' which gives the procedure its name. The reduced gastric capacity leads to decreased food intake which in turn helps the person to lose weight.

The operation is performed with the help of laparoscopic staplers which places multiple rows of small titanium pins on both sides and cuts in between. This makes the procedure fast, precise and reduces the chances of bleeding and human error. The final capacity of the stomach is reduced to around 100-150 ml and hence this curtails the intake of food and leads to earlier satiety.

The removal of the fundus of the stomach leads to drop in the level of the hunger hormone and the appetite is reduced. The smaller stomach capacity decreases the transit time in the intestines which accelerates the metabolic rate leading to burning of more calories. All of these effects help in faster and more efficient weight loss through Gastric Sleeve Surgery.