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Welcome to DIOMS

Delhi Institute of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery is a highly specialized center which offers comprehensive solutions for obesity and related diseases. It was founded by internationally trained bariatric surgeon, Dr Anirudh Vij, whose vision is to provide a second chance at life to morbidly obese patients.

DIOMS has a team of trained healthcare professionals who provide excellence in standards of bariatric and metabolic surgery. An individualized treatment approach with personalized attention gives the best outcomes to patients ensuring their full satisfaction.

Besides obesity, DIOMS also offers a full range of laparoscopic GI procedures to patients requiring such operations.

The founder of DIOMS, Dr Anirudh Vij, is the graduate of the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi. He has had a keen interest in bariatric surgery since the beginning of his career. He is a well-qualified and highly skilled professional with accredited national fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery. He has been trained in bariatric surgery at the headquarters of IEF which is also one of the largest centers in Asia at E Da Hospital, Kaohsuing City, Taiwan. He has a wide experience in all types of primary as well as revisional bariatric procedures. Moreover, he is the author of numerous chapters in textbook of bariatric surgery and has many national and international publications to his credit.

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The senior consultant of Internal Medicine at DIOMS has a vast clinical experience spanning more than three decades. He is also head of cardiology and endocrinology and manages the medical problems of the patients and keeps them in strict follow up.


The senior consultant anesthetists at DIOMs are well versed with the pathophysiology of morbidly obese people and the technicalities which arise in administering anesthesia as well in the postoperative management in such persons. They play a vital role in the comfort of the patient and the overall success of the procedure.

Case manager

The case manager at DIOMS will be the person dedicated to your case form the time of the first consultation till the last follow up. She will be involved in arranging the consultation with various specialists, preoperative work up, scheduling the surgery, diet plan after the surgery and postoperative follow up visits. Any queries before/after the procedure would be handled by her and you will be directed to the appropriate person to solve any problems that may arise at any stage.


Diet plays an extremely important role in weight loss and maintenance. The chief dietician at DIOMS takes a detailed dietary history to understand your eating habits. This also helps the surgeon in deciding the correct weight loss procedure. An individualized dietary plan is prepared depending upon your likes and dislikes to be followed post surgery. This ensures compliance and contributes towards the goal of long term and significant weight loss.

Fitness trainer

The fitness coach at DIOMS keeps the patients well motivated and helps ensure healthy weight loss. Exercise is particularly important in the postoperative period as it keeps the metabolic rate up which accelerates weight loss. Also, working out leads to increase muscle mass which replaces the fat in the body contributing to strength and a sense of well being. It prevents excessive wrinkles and skin fold sagging in the older patients.

1. Multidisciplinary team work

DIOMS has a full team of professionals who cater to your medical needs both before and after surgery. The specialists include

a. Bariatric Surgeon
b. Case Manager
c. Intensivist
d. Assistant Surgeons
e. Physician and Cardiologist
f. Endocrinologist
g. Psychologist
h. Gastroenterologist
i. Dietician

2. Personalized attention and care

We at DIOMS believe in personalized care for all our patients.

3. Internationally trained surgeon

The chief surgeon has been trained at an internationally accredited center for bariatric surgery and has wide experience of both primary as well as revisional bariatric procedures.

4. State of art medical equipment and facilities

We have the latest in medical gadgetry which makes the procedure comfortable and safe both for the patient as well as for the surgeon.

5. Individualized approach

6. Conscientious follow up

7. Support group activities

We organize regular support group activities which keep the patient in follow up and gives them a chance to share their problems and achievements with us.


"To provide state of the treatment for obesity and diabetes and become a world leader in this field"


1. To provide long term and effective weight loss solution to morbidly obese people giving them a second chance at life
2. To provide surgical treatment for diabetes and metabolic diseases

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